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Audio Guest Book

Audio Guest Book


Our Audio Guest book is a unique alternative or addition to a standard guest book. Guests walk up to the table, pick up the receiver to hear YOUR greeting and then leave a personalized voice message for your special day. These messages are collected and given as a long recording via email. The phone will be set up from start to finish of your event. Includes the phone, personalized frame directions sign and Neon "Leave a Message" sign if desired. We currently have 6 different phone models to choose from to help match the theme of your event. 




Audio Guest Book 1

Vinatage Gold & Ivory

Audio Guest Book 2

Vintage Black and Gold

Audio Guest Book 3

Retro Silver

Audio Guest Book 4

Retro White

Audio Guest Book 5

Retro Light Pink

Audio Guest Book 6

Retro Turquoise

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